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Acts Series

Over the next few weeks our preaching team at Pip and Jim's will be going through the book of Acts, sermons will be posted here so you can listen to messages again or keep up to date on any sermons you may have missed.

Acts Pt.1: Waiting for the Holy Spirit. Mark Ruoff
Acts Pt.2: The Spirit Outpoured and a Healthy Community. David West
Acts Pt. 3: Living Stones. Alan Mason
Acts Pt. 5: A Generous God. Mark Ruoff
Acts Pt. 6: God's Radical Unity. Chris Collins
Acts Pt. 7: Persecution and Opposition. Roger Steer
Acts Pt. 8: God's Heart to Reach All - Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. Kevin Constant
Acts Pt. 9: Paul's Radical Conversion. Alan Mason
Acts Pt. 10: Crossing the Divide: Jesus - Lord of All, Lord for All. Mark Ruoff
Acts Pt. 11: Every Member Ministry. Dan Spellman
Acts Pt. 12: Called to God's Assignment. Roger Steer
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