Older Coronavirus Letters

Dear Friends,


I hope that you are keeping well at this time, and that you have been able to join us over holy week for the video and/or telephone services. With the recent news that things will continue like this for a few more weeks I thought it might be helpful to remind you what is happening each week and to update you on one or two things.


The best place to go for up-to-date information, or for links to online services and Zoom links for meetings, is our benefice website which is where I place most information: www.combetocombechurches.co.uk

If this isn’t an option for you we will do our best to share information round the parishes via phone calls, however if you feel that you are out of the loop then you can always ring one one of the wardens, or me, who will happily talk you through what is going on.


It is extremely important that although we are socially distant, that we are also distant socialising. i.e. We must stay physically apart for the health of ourselves and our communities, but also that we stay connected with each other so that no-one is truly isolated. Thank you for everyone that is making an effort of keep in contact with others via phone calls, post cards and other means. We got off to a good start but let’s keep this going. (One word of warning though: please don’t put things through peoples doors by hand as this is an infection risk since Covid19 can live on paper for to 24 hrs). If you are feeling isolated please reach out to us, or to someone in the church – you never know; they may love a call too!

Until we are able to meet again we will be continuing to:

• put Service Videos on Sunday mornings on our website. They premiere at 10:30am, but watch at any time.

• have Virtual Coffee Mornings via Zoom. Mondays, from 10-11am.

• have Virtual Home Group via zoom. Wednesday 7:30 – 9:00pm.

We are also introducing a new service:

• Telephone Compline. Sunday, 7:25 for a 7:30pm start, for about 15 minutes.


Simply call 0333 011 0616 on any phone.

You’ll then enter the access code [CONTACT ME FOR THE CODE] and say your name followed by #.

(Local rate call charges may apply)


Below this letter are 2 Order of Services:

• One for Compline to say on Sunday evening, but can be used every evening as many Anglicans already do.


• One for Sunday worship. This is intended to be used for those who are unable to join in the video services each Sunday as a couple, a family or alone, so that, although we might not be together physically, we are one in Christ Jesus. Also below are the bible readings from each Sunday until the end of July so you can read the same passages that we will be using on the videos.

All these services will continue at least until such time as we will be able to meet again. At which point we will review what will be useful to keep and what is no longer needed. Until then keep safe, and love and serve the Lord.

Yours in Christ,


Pip and Jims, Ilfracombe
Sunday at 10:30am



1st Sundays: Holy Communion

2nd Sundays: Morning Worship

3rd Sundays: Holy Communion

4th Sundays: 60 Minute Church

5th Sundays: Joint Benefice Service

St. James' Place, Ilfracombe. Ex34 9BJ

Prayer: 1st Wednesdays, 7:30pm

St. Peter, Berrynarbor
Sunday at 11am


1st Sundays: Village Service

2nd Sundays: Holy Communion

3rd Sundays: Praise Service

4th Sundays: Holy Communion

5th Sundays: Joint Benefice Service

The Village, Berrynarbor, EX34 9SG

Prayer: Tuesdays, 9:30am

St. Peter ad Vincula, Combe Martin
Sunday at 9:30am


1st Sundays: All Age Worship

2nd Sundays: Improv Service

3rd Sundays: Holy Communion

4th Sundays: Team Service

5th Sundays: Joint Benefice Service

Church St, Combe Martin, EX34 0LQ

Prayer: Wednesdays, 9:30am

Holy Communion: Wednesdays, 10am

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  • St. Peter, Berrynarbor
  • St. Peter ad Vincula, Combe Martin
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